The freedom technology conference for makers and cypherpunks

Bear Arms n' Bitcoin is back and better than ever for the 4th year running! Join us for two full days of presentations and conversations with some of the brightest minds in the freedom technology world.


BANB is the first and only conference dedicated to the art and science of homemade gun design. Come and learn about building guns, guncad development, and more.


Counter-finance and private, hard money are the foundations of the crypto revolution. Learn how to integrate crypto into your life and business, and the latest practices in financial privacy.

BANB 2023 features both a presentation stage and a full exhibitor hall. Learn from the latest presentations, and meet the developers and companies powering these movements

The Renaissance Hotel at The Arboretum is located in north-central Austin, just a short drive from The Domain shopping center and restaurants.


Mr. Snow

Mr. Snow

Guncad developer and content creator in metal, plastic and more. Maker's Match 2023 champion!



Premiere independent guncad developer, creator of the Mac n' Cheese, Schnitzel, Apple Pie and much more. Cohost of Out of Battery Live.

Garret Walliman

Garret Walliman (gw-dd)

Lead software engineer at Defense Distributed. Cohost of Out of Battery Live. Member and historian of the guncad community since 2016.


The Renaissance Hotel at The Arboretum is located in north-central Austin, just a short drive from The Domain shopping center and restaurants. A room block at the Renaissance is available - contact us for booking.

Security and Privacy

We encourage attendees to purchase tickets with cryptocurrency, use screennames and private email addresses. Attendees will check-in to the event with the email addresses used to purchase their ticket(s). No ID will be required.


Grizzly Tier


World's first and largest 3D-printed gun repository. Leader of the legal fight for 3D-printed firearms files. Visit

Additional sponsors will be announced shortly!


Exhibitors will be announced shortly!

Want to set up a custom exhibitor table setup? Contact us!


En Bloc Press

En Bloc Press

Weekly newsletter and podcast about 3D printing, guns, and politics.

Out of Battery Live

Out of Battery Live

Weekly guncad podcast - we keep your finger on the pulse of GunCAD. Delve into the dark, seedy underworld of ghost gun design and developmentā€¦ or just hang with us instead.

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine

Since 2012, Bitcoin Magazine has provided analysis, research, education and thought leadership at the intersection of finance and technology.

Media interested in attending can contact us about a media pass or partnership.


The Bear Arms n' Bitcoin silent auction returns!

Bid and win DIY firearms parts kits, firearm accessories, art and more. Bids are accepted in either in fiat or real money (crypto)!

The auction will run throughout the conference and winners will be announced at the end. All proceeds will be donated 50/50 between guncad and crypto beneficiaries.


Lots will be revealed shortly!


BANB 2023 is a privacy-focused technology conference and to this end we have built our registration process to require no personally identifying information. The only information requested upon signup will be an email address and pseudonym.

Here are some best practices to follow when signing up:

  1. Email address: the email address will be used to send you your virtual ticket, and will be used to identify you upon checkin. You will also receive communication about the event at this email address. For this reason, please enter a real, working email address upon signup.

    We encourage you to sign up with an email address that does not contain any personally identifying information. Better yet, create an email address solely for this event - just remember to check it regularly for event information!

  2. Pseudonym: this will be printed on your name badge. It can be anything you want, including a screen name or something entirely made up.

  3. Payment: we highly encourage you to pay for your ticket with cryptocurrency!

We are welcoming to people who will wear surgical masks, sunglasses, hats, fake beards, or anything else to protect their identity.

Some presentations may be recorded. They will be recorded in such a way that audience members will not be captured - only the stage and presentation screen.

A photo wall will also be available for those wishing to take photos. Participants will be asked to only take photos or record videos at the photo wall - recording elsewhere will be strictly prohibited.

No official range day is planned for BANB 2023.